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Explorer Socks - $12.00

We’ve had a big demand for a very thick sock, like our popular Zealons. Now from the same manufacturer we have a sock made from wool (with a reinforcing of nylon in the heels and toes), knitted with a very thick pile on the inside. This makes the Explorer very much thicker than an ordinary wool sock, as you’ll see from the photo. Explorers are very soft underfoot to keep your feet dry in hot weather. White explorers are available for tennis players. King size Explorer socks for shoe sizes 11 to 13.

explorer socks
Full Length Explorer Socks - $15.00

explorer socks A full length explorer sock that’s perfect for cold winter day working in the paddock. When the first winter snow falls on the Alps and the wind makes things inside the fridge warmer inside the fridge than out in the paddock, the extra length of these socks puts a smile on your face.
Zealon Work Socks - $9.80  
Guaranteed unshrinkable, they’re thick and warm in cold weather, cushy and absorbent in the heat. They soak up perspiration and lessen foot fatigue. Send shoe size.